Halifax, Vermont
Welcome to North River Farm. This classic example of a lush Vermont farm community is unmatched in preservation of tradition. Enjoy the photos!

The HARRIS family was also an early family in the town. Their ancestors are supposed to have been of Welch descent, sons of those who preferred freedom in the wild mountains of Wales, to Saxon oppression. The first of the family to come to America, was Mary, widow of Walter HARRIS, and her son Sabile, who came to New London, Conn., from Monmouthshire, Eng., in 1756. The next known ancestor was Job, who was born February 10, 1753, then Joshua, born in 1770. When sixteen years of age Joshua, in company with his brother John, left Connecticut and came to Halifax, where they commenced to clear the land which has ever since been the home farm of the HARRIS family in Windham county. In 1791, Joshua married Clarissa SCOTT, by whom lie had eleven children. Joshua, Jr., was born June 16, 18o I, married Nancy MINER in 1825, and settled upon the home farm, where seven children were born to him. Six of whom obtained a mature age. He died in 1876, aged seventy-seven years, leaving a widow and four children, three of whom are now living.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of
Windham County, Vt., 1724-1884.
Compiled and Published By Hamilton Child,
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